Gabrielle Lulloff graduated from Lakeshore Technical College with an associate's degree in marketing and has graduated from UW Oshkosh as a journalism student with an advertising emphasis. She enjoys developing strategies, creative writing and advertising. Gabrielle participated in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) in 2013 and improved the campaign development in 2014 as the Director of NSAC Relations on the UWO Ad Club executive board. When Gabrielle isn't busy brainstorming ideas, she enjoys spending time with her family, thrift shopping and singing karaoke.


ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Gabrielle believes her body is 53% cheese.

BRYAN ASCHENBRENNER :: GRAPHIC DESIGNERBryan Aschenbrenner graduated from UW Oshkosh with a design degree. He is driven by creating work that is of high quality and visually appealing along with being around enthusiastic and motivated people. Bryan is always looking to improve his design abilities by finding inspiration from the world around him and implementing them to produce exciting results. Besides design, he is passionate about music, playing and recording guitar, drums and bass. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Bryan pretends not to cry at the end of "Titanic."

FELICIA CLARK :: SENIOR COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTFelicia Clark graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a degree in journalism and minor in creative writing. As the Communication Specialist, she manages copywriting, content writing and community management for clients and campaigns. Felicia brings her strong writing, editing and social media skills to the company. Her professional interests include marketing, networking, social media trends/research and writing/editing client content. When she’s not working at Candeo Creative, she is writing/reading fiction, practicing yoga/meditation, traveling, gardening, listening to live music and crafting with mod podge. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Felicia also enjoys posting in her blog Measure Life In Bookmarks, where she writes anything related to the written word, from music to novels to the art of storytelling!





LEAH MANN :: MULTIMEDIA SPECIALISTLeah Mann graduated from the UW-Stout with a BFA in Graphic Design & Interactive Media. She's dabbled in a bit of everything from graphic design to web development to her main passion of filmmaking. Leah is inspired by artists like David Berman, Jessica Hische, Amanda Palmer and John & Hank Green, and is happiest when her projects contribute to making the world a better place. She also enjoys collaborating with others, bringing wild ideas to life and being amongst the company of other design lovers, do-gooders, and film connoisseurs (preferably the humorous ones). ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Party at Leah’s house Friday! And by party she means sipping chai tea and having an Oscar marathon.

MARIBETH THEUSCH  :: OFFICE MANAGERAfter living and working in Dallas, TX; Richmond, VA and St. Paul, MN, MariBeth has come full circle back to Oshkosh where she graduated from UW Oshkosh with a degree in finance. She has worked in and managed accounting departments in many different industries and enjoys the challenge of learning about new industries while working on process improvement. “Bringing order to chaos” is one of her greatest strengths. MariBeth enjoys participating in professional networking groups, such as BNI, Women In Management and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. She is passionate about giving back to the community and likes to focus on organizations that help disadvantaged children and women. Maribeth enjoys cooking, gardening and traveling the Wisconsin backroads on the back of a motorcycle in search of great artisanal foods. To her, there’s nothing like living in other parts of the country to make one truly appreciate the people, culture and beauty of Wisconsin and all of its seasons. ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  MariBeth jokingly tells people she married her husband for his Packers season tickets, but no one's quite sure whether it’s really a joke.

TAYLOR JACOBSON  :: CREATIVE STRATEGISTTaylor Jacobson is currently enrolled in the marketing program at Fox Valley Technical College. He enjoys designing campaigns, developing new marketing strategies and taking photographs. When Taylor isn't researching new developments in advertising, he can be found playing guitar, writing new music and singing out loud to Norah Jones with his headphones on.

MICHAELA PAUKNER :: COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTMichaela graduated from UW-Green Bay with a bachelor's degree in communication, emphasizing in journalism and photography. She worked in broadcast news for four years before transitioning to marketing and advertising with Candeo Creative. Michaela brings excellent writing skills, creativity and a positive attitude to the company and its clients. She spends her time away from the office reading, cooking, hiking and making art. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Michaela won several awards with her cat, Heartbreaker, through the Sheboygan County 4-H program. She hopes to present at TED Talks at some point in her professional career and achieve the same feeling of success. 






MARCUS DUMKE  ::  ACCOUNT MANAGERMarcus recently completed his bachelor’s degree in marketing from UW Green Bay. GO! Pack GO! He is energized by people and passionate about networking and relationship building. Marcus’s professional interests include branding, leadership, entrepreneurism and sales. He is inspired by empowered philanthropists like Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson. Marcus is a creative thinker who wishes to invent his own role as Vice President of Imagination. He enjoys travel, especially to California, and would one day like to see Dubai. His favorite pastime is checking out what’s new and noteworthy on "theawesomer.com" ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Marcus would make a great zombie apocalypse buddy!

VICTORIA BATES :: GRAPHIC DESIGNERVictoria graduated from Saint Norbert College with a bachelor’s degree in Art with an emphasis on graphic design. She finds inspiration in many places and spaces, but she is particularly fascinated by nature, history and fashion. Victoria enjoys drawing, curling up with a good book, chilling with family and friends and watching cheesy movies. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Victoria holds the title of “Lady” in the Principality of Sealand!

KAYLA PULVERMACHER  :: GRAPHIC DESIGNERKayla graduated from UW - Eau Claire and love all things creative. She has a fondness for fresh vector designs and oil painting. Kayla is a fluent speaker of Spanish and is intensely inspired by different cultures and the world around her. When she’s not designing or traveling, you’ll find her lounging around with friends and family. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Kayla loves Disney and has been to Disney World so many times that she’s pretty sure she’s sprouting mouse ears.

KATIE KONOP :: COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTKatie graduated from UW Oshkosh with a degree in marketing and a minor in Spanish. As a communication specialist, she contributes to the team by writing and editing content, managing social media and optimizing websites for search engines. Her professional interests include blogging, social media, writing and marketing. In her free time, Katie enjoys reading, working out and spending time with friends and family. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Katie’s favorite food is popcorn. If she had the option, she would eat it all day!

MIGUEL CRUZ :: SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGERMiguel is a local entrepreneur, bringing more than 11 years of sales and marketing experience to the team. While specializing in business and leadership development, he has worked alongside companies such as Harley Davidson of Wausau, Allstate Insurance, Sherwin Williams, Disney Resorts and many more. Miguel's greatest inspirations have been found in nature and the eyes his children. He also enjoys doing yoga, running in 5k's, gardening and is a lifelong martial arts practitioner and self proclaimed Ninja. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Miguel believes that some of the hardest lessons in life put us directly on the path to contribute most to the world. 






STEPHEN HEYES :: WEB DEVELOPERStephen brings 12+ years of web development experience, ranging from large corporate websites to small business startups. He was an early adapter of WordPress and has continued to use it in developing websites for more than 8 years. His passion for web development has always made him quick to react to the ever-changing technologies used in the industry; most recently he has enthusiastically embraced responsive websites. Stephen has many hobbies ranging from flipping homes to private pilot training. Outside the office, Stephen spends most of his spare time running around after his two kids. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Stephen can’t sit still, but he always tries to end his day relaxing by playing the piano.

GRETEL ACHTERBERG :: WEB DEVELOPERGretel graduated from Fox Valley Technical College with a degree in technical communications. During her time at FVTC, her adviser encouraged her to take an HTML class as an elective. After that she was hooked on HTML, CSS and web development. Being raised in a restaurant prepared her for the customer service that goes along with web development. Gretel enjoys developing designs that challenge her knowledge level. In her free time she is learning about servers and web security. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, cooking and gardening. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Gretel believes that everything goes better with wine!

MORGAN SHORT :: CREATIVE STRATEGISTMorgan Short graduated from UW-Madison where she majored in Strategic Communications. She has a passion for researching, strategizing and building brands. Along with strategy she has dabbled in social media management, copywriting, virtual events, marketing and communications.  When she’s not in the office Morgan enjoys taking photos, playing tennis and blogging. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Morgan’s motto when all else fails: Let’s get brunch.

JOSH TOONEN :: MULTIMEDIA INTERNJosh Toonen is a Radio, TV and Film student currently enrolled at UW Oshkosh and is a recipient of the Kimberly-Clark Bright Futures Scholarship. He enjoys watching films, but enjoys making them even more. Throughout high school he made short films and continues to for his YouTube channel. He has experience in most computer arts such as graphic design and 3D, but his true passion is in video, specifically post-production. He enjoys listening to alternative music, which inspired him to pick up guitar, piano and music production. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: For most birthdays, Josh creates elaborate, multi-level cakes and is the long-lost son of Buddy Valastro. 




ZACK PAWLOSKY :: PRESIDENT/OWNERZack Pawlosky founded Candeo Creative in April 2012 as a business student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. With previous experience in sales and social media management, Zack spoke at several events where he was approached to do social media marketing for local businesses. His professional interests include marketing, social media and advertising. However, his true passion is branding and business development. Zack has published a social media E-book that features best practices and tips for Facebook marketing. To date, Zack’s greatest achievement is starting Candeo Creative, putting together an incredible team and working with wonderful clients. During his down time, Zack enjoys a good book and spending time with his family. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Zack's passion outside of the office is playing the piano! You'll often times hear him playing out a tune in the office as well.


In 2012 Sheng joined Candeo Creative as the communication director. She had recently graduated from UW Oshkosh with a journalism degree. During her stint as communication director, she managed the communication team and oversaw internal and external messages for the agency and its clients. As a lifelong writer, her work has been published in Engage Magazine, UW Oshkosh Today and New North B2B. As the director of operations, Sheng oversees the day-to-day activities of Candeo Creative, ensuring that the agency operates effectively and efficiently.


ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Sheng's competitive edge and love of family inspires her to have at least 10 children,
beating her mom's record of seven.



Jamie Boucher graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout with a Bachelors in Design. As the Art Director, she oversees the art department and all design and visual projects within Candeo Creative, as well as also assists and leads in multiple strategic organizational projects. Jamie has been involved in multiple professional groups, including AIGA, BNI and Women in Management. Jamie’s professional interests include design in multiple forms, creative process, advertising and campaigns. When Jamie is not wrapped up in the design world, you will most likely see her spending a lot of time outdoors fishing, snowmobiling, coaching her soccer team and camping.


ON A PERSONAL NOTE: If Jamie could dance everywhere instead of walking... she would.



Candeo Creative is a dynamic and flourishing full-scale integrated marketing agency that lives and breathes brilliant marketing. Our culture is one that supports creativity, openness and professional development. Candeo Creative is dedicated to serving our employees through competitive compensation, benefits and office perks. You'll often times
find a Candeo Creative team member working in our lounge area, in a coffee shop or from home. We ensure that creativity matched with unbeatable passion is in the heart of our being.


Candeo Creative is dedicated to seeking the best solutions for our clients, from new startups to international organizations. Our team members aim to go the extra mile, think in a critical and creative fashion and zealously
serve each other and our clients while having fun!










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